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4 Fun Bangkok Restaurants for Kids

When’s the last time your waiter was a robot? Or you dined in a teddy bear’s kitchen? Bangkok boasts some hidden gems when it comes to kid-friendly restaurants.

Sure, Bangkok is one of the culinary capitals of the world. The city shines with amazing cuisines – from the the food-art in flashy hotel restaurants and trendy foodie hangouts (a new one pops up every week) to the delicious bites from street stands on every sidewalk. But what Michelin-starred chef can compete with a robot for a child’s interest?

Check out these 4 Fun Bangkok Restaurants for Kids where your children’s meal is served with a big bowl of excitement:

Kids love robots. Kids love to help make their own food. Combine the two and you have a winner: Hajime Robot Restaurant, Bangkok.

Hajime Robot Restaurant

Thrill your kids with a meal here and they’ll be saying “Doomo aringatoo Mister Roboto!”

Protein? Check.

Veggies? Check.

Cartoon samurai robot waiters? Check.

Hajime Robot Restaurant in Bangkok includes all the ingredients for a fun, healthy family meal. Use the touchpad screens at your table to order food from the two goofy-eyed robot waiters. Your kids will have fun ordering the robots around with the touch of a finger.

Food at Hajime Robot Restaurant is Japanese shabu-shabu style. You order the ingredients from the robo waiters. They bring you the trays of food. Then you grill it yourself at the table.

It’s a meal your kids are sure never to forget.

Hajime Robot Location

Hajime Robot Restaurant is on the 3rd floor of Monopoly Park at 59/27 Rama 3 Road, Bangkok. It’s a little bit out of the way from areas tourists normally visit, but the fun is well worth the visit.

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Tel: 02 683 1670

Teddy House’s Kitchen is all kinds of cute. And it’s very centrally located near the air-conditioned malls around Siam skytrain station.

Teddy House

Teddy bears + Pancakes?

Bangkok just has a thing for restaurants with whimsical combinations.

Order from the all-day pancake menu at Teddy House’s Kitchen (yes, they even make them in the shape of a teddy bear) and finish with a sweet surprise. Teddy House is also a build-a-bear workshop, where your children can customize their own cuddly creation.

This cute Thai restaurant is owned by one of Thailand’s most famous supermodels, and your children will probably get a kick out her name…Pancake. Yes, really. That explains the menu, though there are other foods available.

Teddy House Location

Teddy House’s Kitchen is located at Siam Square Soi 11. Siam Square is centrally located by Bangkok’s main BTS skytrain interchange, Siam station. (There are other Teddy House locations in Bangkok, but only the Siam Square station features a restaurant.)

Another fun Bangkok restaurant for kids – Charl E. Chang’s.

Another fun Bangkok restaurant for kids – Charl E. Chang’s.

 Charl E. Chang’s

Charl E. Chang’s Pizza Factory is kind of like the American family-fun restaurant chain Chuck E. Cheese’s but with a Thai twist. At the only restaurant with an indoor playground in Thailand, your kids will have tons of fun with new Thai friends climbing through the three-level plastic playground funplex, enjoying video games, a game of air hockey, etc.

“Chang” is Thai for “elephant”, and the mascot is a big fluffy blue elephant. His menu? Plenty of pizza and kid-friendly favorites like chicken nuggets and macaroni & cheese.

Charl E. Chang’s Location

275 /15 Sathupradit Road, Yannawa, Bangkok

Tel. 02 212 5946

Like Hajime Robot Restaurant, it’s not really in a touristed area either. The restaurant’s patrons are Thais and expat families. It’s located about 50 metres into Sathupradit Soi 15 (A “soi” is side street off a main road). Ask the staff at your hotel to write the address in Thai for you to show your taxi driver.

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Visit the Funarium, a giant indoor playground in central Bangkok, and refresh with lunch or dinner at the Fun Café.

Fun Café at the Funarium

The Fun Café is located within a giant indoor playground (so kind of the reverse formula of Charl E. Chang’s).

The Funarium is split into four play zones:
(1)    Toddler Zone – With soft play equipment, a cushy floor, a short slide and a small ball pool.
(2)    Junior Zone – For school-age children. A two-level plastic playground with lots of climbing equipment and large slides (yes, adults can use it too!).
(3)    Sports Zone – Bicycle rink, basketball and football (soccer).
(4)    Sand & Water Zone – Aimed at toddlers, this zone features a wading pool and sand box.

The Fun Café is a child-friendly international restaurant – you can choose from both Thai and Western dishes.

Funarium Location

111/1 Sukhumvit 26, Sukhumvit Road, Bangkok

Tel. 02 665 6555

Tickets for the Fun-arium range from 200 to 320 baht for children, plus a 110 baht entrance fee for adults and teenagers.

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