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4 More Fun, Kid-friendly Restaurants in Bangkok

4 More Fun, Kid-friendly Restaurants in Bangkok

Ready for excitement as you dive into the dining options in Bangkok? You could eat some fried bugs from a street stand… or you could try one of the fantastic fun, kid-friendly Bangkok restaurants below.

To be frank, Bangkok is not really overflowing with restaurants that go out of their way to be kid friendly. Despite being in a very modern developed city, you won’t find bucketloads of restaurants with kids menus, high chairs, children’s seats, children’s activities and the like (though you may be used to these things in your home country).

For the most part, children order from the same menu as adults. You won’t come across dedicated children’s offerings aside from the occasional hotel restaurant and a smattering of local restaurants with kids menus like the long-popular Crepes & Co., the Tex Mex hotspot Charley Brown’s, Angel City Diner with its impressive milkshake menu, and petite but child-friendly Cafe Tartine with its mini kids menu.

However, what the city lacks in chicken nuggets, it makes up for in off-the-wall and wildly creative dining spots. Peruse the 4 fun restaurants below and choose your adventure.


Mr. Jones Orphanage, Bangkok

Mr. Jones’ Orphanage – an imaginative Bangkok restaurant for kids and sweet-toothed grown-ups

Mr. Jones’ Orphanage

Brought to life from the imagination of Bangkok-based restauranteur and creator of the Iron Faeries children’s book series Ashley Sutton, Mr. Jones’ Orphanage welcomes you into a fantasy world. Over-sized wooden toy trains slide above your head. Toy soldiers cover tables and banisters. Teddy bears sprout from nooks and crannies. And cakes and cookies form the centrepiece of the menu.

Choose from a sprawling display of sweet treats or from the menu of desserts made to order. (Tip: The strawberry waffles are AMAZING.)

Milk comes served in cute tiny glass bottles. You’ll also find interestingly named and flavoured milkshakes and a smaller selection of savouries.

Visit Mr. Jones’ Orphanage

Mr. Jones’ Orphanage has two locations. Both feature the same Victorian whimsy and sugary menu.

The Thonglor location is more spacious and less bustling. It also features a low-ceiling second-floor library you or your children can crawl around in. Mr. Jones’ Orphanage at Thonglor is still in central Bangkok, but it may be a bit harder for travelling visitors to locate.

More recently opened, Mr. Jones’ Orphanage at Siam Center is just steps from the Siam BTS Skytrain station. Set at the heart of a very busy shopping mall, it receives throngs of customers and has a much busier vibe. (Grown-ups and tall children, watch your head for the wooden train tracks that curve through the air!)


Mr. Jones Orphanage at Thonglor

Address: Ground Floor, Seen Space, 251/1 Thonglor Soi 13

Tel: 02-185-2378


Mr. Jones Orphanage at Siam Center

Address: 3rd Floor, Siam Center (close to the exit to Siam Paragon)

Tel: 02-658-1163


Website: Mr. Jones’ Orphanage Facebook Page


Kid friendly restaurant Bangkok Flying Chicken

Another wacky Bangkok restaurant to excite kids – Kraton Flying Chicken

Kraton Flying Chicken

This restaurant’s signature dish is “Gai Loy Faa”, or as you might have guessed, “Flying Chicken”.

Order the venue’s namesake and your roast chicken will be launched through the air via catapult to a man wearing a spiked helmet and riding a unicycle. He stab-catches your chicken like the weirdest unicorn you’ve ever seen, and then the roasted bird is delivered to your table with a flag or a flower in place of a head. Customers are sometimes allowed on stage to give the chicken catching sport a go.

Located quite a ways outside of downtown Bangkok, the restaurant serves up a fairly standard range of Thai favourites, but the attraction is the theatrics rather than the artistry of the food. It is a scene you and your children will never forget. Watch the short video below for a glimpse of what’s in store.

Visit Kraton Flying Chicken

Kraton Flying Chicken is located on Bangna-Trad Expressway opposite BITEC (one of Bangkok’s major exhibition and event centres). The closest BTS Skytrain stop is Bang Na Station. Only open for dinner, the restaurant’s hours are from 5:00 pm to 1:00 am.

Address: 99/1 Bangna-Trad Road Km 1

Tel: 02-399-5202, 02-399-3557

Web: Kraton Flying Chicken Restaurant (Thai language only)


Family Friendly Restaurant Bangkok

Cabbages & Condoms, Bangkok. Yes, it actually is a family friendly restaurant!
(Photo Credit: Mark Pegrum)

Cabbages & Condoms

Don’t be fooled by the name! Cabbages & Condoms is very much a family-friendly restaurant. The unique restaurant is an initiative of the Population and Community Development Association, a non-profit founded by former politician Mechai Viravaidya, who is globally respected for establishing one of the world’s most effective AIDS education campaigns.

The restaurant serves up a vast array of well-prepared Thai dishes enjoyed amidst the lanterns of the courtyard garden or in cool air-conditioned rooms. You will find artwork made of condoms and an assortment of fun and educational decor. So yes, be prepared to give age-appropriate info about the birds and bees to your children while dining at Cabbages & Condoms. It can be a great learning experience while also enjoying some delicious food.

The team behind the restaurant also run an excellent family-friendly resort called Birds & Bees. The resort is located in a quiet, beautiful area of Pattaya and is a favourite weekend getaway of many Bangkok expats.

Visit Cabbages & Condoms

Cabbages & Condoms restaurant is conveniently located on Sukhumvit Soi 12 approximately 200 metres from Sukhumvit Road. It’s a 10-15 minute walk from either Nana or Asok BTS Skytrain stations as well as the Sukhumvit MRT Subway station. The restaurant is extremely popular with tourists but also attracts locals who come to enjoy the unique experience.  Cabbages & Condoms is open daily from 11:00 am to 10:00 pm.


Address: 10 Sukhumvit Soi 12

Tel: 02-229-4610

Web: Cabbages & Condom Restaurant, Bangkok


Dine in the Dark Bangkok Restaurant

Dine in the Dark – a fun fine dining restaurant in the heart of Bangkok

Dine in the Dark

Strictly for older kids, Dine in the Dark is still such an amazing experience that we had to include it on our list of fun Bangkok restaurants. It was conceived primarily as a unique fine dining concept for adults, but teens and tweens will also enjoy the wonders of dining in pitch black surrounds.

The restaurant robs you temporarily of your sight, and you’ll notice all of your other senses are heightened. While dining, you will also be supporting an important social initiative. Dine in the Dark provides employment opportunities to the visually impaired, who make up 100% of the restaurant’s hosts who guide diners through their sensory experience.

Choose from 3-course Thai, Western or Vegetarian menus. You select the kind of cuisine, but the identity of each dish is kept a secret. Unravel the mystery of each course’s ingredients by savouring taste, smell and texture alone. Just figuring out how to eat the food blind is an adventure in itself. Beyond that, you and your family will be surprised at how difficult it can be to unravel all the pieces of each dish without the sense of sight to aid you in recognizing the food you are in enjoying.

Visit Dine in the Dark

Dine in the Dark is currently in the process of moving to a new location. Check the Dine in the Dark Facebook Page and Dine in the Dark Website for updates.


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