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The Logos Hope “Floating Book Fair” Returns to Bangkok

The Logos Hope “Floating Book Fair” Returns to Bangkok


We’ve talked about Thailand’s floating markets and its famous floating village, but do you know about the floating book fair?

The MV Logos Hope sails around the world filled with 400 volunteers from 50 countries and over 5,000 titles of books. This is its second time dropping anchor in Bangkok. You can find the ship docked at Bangkok’s Klong Toey Port from 8 February – 2 March 2014.

The MV Logos book selection is heavy on children’s titles, mostly in English but they do have a small assortment of Thai books as well. There is also a fair amount of Christian-themed books for sale as the ship is run by a German-based Christian charity organization.

Most of the volunteers on board are young men and women who donate their time for a two-year stint of sailing around the world, running the book fair, and engaging in community outreach and charity projects in the countries Logos Hopes visits throughout its travels. (Yes, there are a few Thais along for journey as well – so now they are getting to enjoy a brief homecoming.)

In addition to the book fair, your family will find a handful of activity areas, a cafe and a schedule of events aimed at children. Plus there is the option for a bit of fun ship-spotting at the port. Gaze out from the portholes at the cafe while you relax with a drink, or take a break outside the ship post-visit to glimpse the life of the port and the piles of containers stacked about.

Scroll below for more images of Logos Hope in Bangkok and around the world. For more details on visiting Logos Hope while it is in Thailand, check out the box at bottom of the post.


Logos Hope

MV Logos Hope at sea
(Photo Credit: GBA Ships e.V./ Marina Maddock-Lyon)

Logos Hope Bangkok book fair

Choose from over 5,000 titles at the Logos Hope floating book fair – in Bangkok until 2 March 2014.

Logos Hope book prices

Since the ship travels around the world, prices are marked in Logos Units, created for international ease. Conversion charts for Thai baht are posted around the deck.

Logos Hope Captain's Log

Sign the Logos Hope captain’s log before you leave!

Logos Hope children

A young girl meets El Capitano in Penang, Malaysia. Logos Hope hosts a regular schedule of children’s activities.
(Photo Credit: GBA Ships e.V./ Marina Maddock-Lyon)

Logos Hope Klong Toey Port

Watch the ships pass by in Klong Toey Port.

floating book fair bangkok

Bangkok specials at the Logos Hope floating book fair

Floating Book Fair Logos Hope

A family shops the Logos Hope floating book fair in Malaysia.
(Photo Credit: GBA Ships e.V./ Marina Maddock-Lyon)

Klong Toey Port Bangkok

Mutli colour container boxes stacked like LEGOs at Klong Toey Port, Bangkok

Visiting Logos Hope in Bangkok, Thailand

The MV Logos Hope will be in Bangkok from 8 February until 2 March 2014.

The Book Fair is open Tuesday to Sunday from the hours of 1:00 pm to 9:00 pm. (It’s closed on Mondays.) Tickets are 20 baht per person, free for children under 12.

You will find the ship at Bangkok’s Klong Toey Port (in Thai: Taa Reua Klong Toey – ท่าเรือคลองเตย). Enter via a small lane to the right of the port’s main entrance. Logos Hope signs mark the way.

For a map, details about special events and more info, visit the Logos Hope visit Bangkok Facebook page. To see where in the world the ship is headed next, check out its schedule at the GBA Ships website.

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