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Thai Animals to Discover with Your Family

Thai Animals to Discover with Your Family

Discover Thailand’s animals. Fuzzy and cuddly. Kings of the jungle. Cute and funny. Breathtakingly majestic or amazingly beautiful or just melt-your-heart big-eyed wanna-pick-them-up-and-hug-them, Thailand’s animals are one of the joys of a family holiday to this exotic country.

What’s in store for you and your children on your Thailand family holiday?

Thailand elephants

A BIG hug at Patara Elephant Camp, Chiang Mai


Explore the jungle atop an elephant. Swish and sway in the cool mountain air as you look out over mist-covered valleys in Chiang Mai. Play with baby elephants in Phuket. Get to know an entire elephant family in Chiang Rai. Even feed them cucumbers by hand in the most wacky and unexpected location – the streets of Bangkok.

Where Your Family Can See Elephants in Thailand:

All over the country. Here are our top recommendations:

Chiang Mai – Patara Elephant Farm

Chiang Rai – The Elephant Camp at Anantara Resort & Spa, Golden Triangle

Phuket – Laguna Phuket, with a choice of several hotels, resorts and villas in a very family-friendly environment


Thailand tigers

Have a roaring good time at Tiger Kingdom in Chiang Mai!


Tiger, tiger burning bright. These giant cats captivate the imagination and inspire stories, poetry, Disney movies, kids’ books, children’s cartoons and a variety of epics and fantasies that live in your children’s heads. Thailand offers some magnificent opportunities to interact with these animals up close and personal.

Where Your Family Can See Tigers in Thailand:

Chiang Mai – Tiger Kingdom

Kanchanaburi – The Tiger Temple. Known in Thai as: “Wat Pa Luangta Bua Yannasampanno”. You’ll probably be calling it “the Tiger Temple”.


Thailand monkeys

Monkeying around in Lopburi, Thailand


These mischievous little creatures run wild in some parts of Thailand. They can be tons of fun too watch… a barrel of monkeys, so to speak…. Watch out for your sunglasses though; some monkeys are notorious pickpockets. They make for great pictures too. Just keep a good grip on your camera!

Where Your Family Can See Monkeys in Thailand:

Lopburi – Monkey central. This town, a few hours from Bangkok, is famous above all else for its monkey residents. A couple thousand monkeys call the town home. You’ll see them climbing over temples and sharing spaces with the human residents as they jump around apartment buildings, shops, street stalls, trees, clotheslines, fences… everywhere basically.

Hua Hin – See the local monkey population at Takiab Hill at the end of Takiab Beach. They climb amidst the cliffs and stairs alongside a 20-metre tall standing golden Buddha statue.



Open wide! Samut Prakarn Crocodile Farm, Thailand.
(Photo Credit: Lookslikeamy)


Take a bite out of your holiday with a trip to see these fearsome beasts. The risk: your child may decide they want to become a “crocodile wrestler” when they grow up after watching one of these wild shows where they handlers engage in adrenaline-pumping stunts.

Where Your Family Can See Crocodiles in Thailand:

Bangkok or Pattaya – The Crocodile Farm in Samut Prakarn Province is basically a day trip from either Bangkok or Pattaya. It is THE place in Thailand for crocodiles and very popular with families.


Thailand snakes

Ssssssssss! A Thai cobra spreads its hood in a Bangkok snake show.
(Photo Credit: Yendoandando)


King cobras with hoods flared. Slithering creatures, many species of which your children have seen only in the movies. Here in Thailand they can see them in person and even have a chance to pet or hold some of the gentler, non-poisonous slitherines.

Where Your Family Can See Snakes in Thailand:

Bangkok – Snake Farm at the Thai Red Cross, Henri Dunant Road. This centre leads the way in Asia in producing anti-venin, the treatment to counteract snake venom. In addition to this very important, life-saving work, it entertains and educates with daily shows, Monday-Friday at 11.00am and 2.30pm. Shows include snake milking, the opportunity to see a number of poisonous snakes and photo ops with non-toxic snakes.


Thai animals

A world of wonder awaits just below the surface.
Here, a mantis shrimp peaks out in the Andaman Sea.
(Phote Credit: Prilfish)

Sea Life

A sea of colour. Corals that look like they were drawn with a full box of Crayola crayons. Schools of tropical fish. Shimmering yellows. Bright pinks. Twinkling silver. Rainbow stripes. Thailand enjoys world-famous diving and snorkelling.

Where Your Family Can See Sea Life in Thailand:

Almost all island destinations offer some opportunity to dive or snorkel. Many mainland beach destinations do also, but the waters around the islands tend to offer much more to see. Some of the best destinations are below:

Phuket – Diving and snorkelling expeditions are easy to find at dive shops and travel agencies all over the island. For some of the best diving in the world, venture to the nearby Similan Islands, or the Surin Islands for a chance to encounter whale sharks. Visits to the Similan or Surin Islands often entail a liveaboard cruise of at least a few days.

Samui – Tons of options here too. If you’re REALLY into diving you may want to consider staying at nearby Koh Tao, or Turtle Island, which is more famed for its diving. It’s also a popular spot for dive courses. Perfect if you want to get certified together as a family.

Bangkok – Not a dive destination, obviously, but Bangkok boasts a great urban aquarium very centrally located in the basement of Siam Paragon, a major shopping mall in the heart of the city. Siam Ocean World –

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