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Top 5 Koh Samui Family Holiday Experiences

The splash beneath a waterfall. The brilliant rainbow of a butterfly catching the eye. The wonder of exploring a hidden cave. Soft sand beneath the feet. A golden Buddha towering overhead. Discover the best of the island with these Top 5 Koh Samui Family Holiday Experiences:

Sail into a mysterious world. Discover it together as a family – cruising, kayaking and climbing through island wonders.
(Photo Credit: David Sim)

1.    Island Mystery
Strange and mysterious islands rise from the middle of the ocean. Covered in forest and riddled with caves and hidden nooks to explore and discover, the 42 islands of Angthong Marine National Park are located in the waters west of Koh Samui. These green-cloaked isles set the stage for an exciting family excursion. Sail amongst them. kayak into caves. Visit a hidden lake within the interior of an island, surrounding by rising mountain walls. Family day trips can easily be arranged by travel agencies and tour operators all over Koh Samui.

A gorgeous Thai butterfly.
Glimpse them in the hundreds at Samui Butterfly Farm.
(Photo Credit: Honey-bee)

2.    Butterfly Garden
Flashes of colour. Delicate violet. Bright orange. Yellows, emeralds, pinks, sky blues. Enter the Butterfly Garden and your children will be surrounded by a fluttering rainbow of these beautiful, light-as-a-feather creatures. Your children may leave saying, “I want to be a lepidopterist when I grow up.” (“The word of the day, children, is lepidopterist, a butterfly specialist.”) The Butterfly Garden is located south of Lamai Beach, near the Samui Aquarium.

Soak beneath the spray of Namuang Waterfalls, one of Koh Samui’s natural wonders.
(Photo Credit: AJ Oswald)

3.    Waterfalls
Cascades pour down the cliff. A refreshing spray. A cold plunge into a natural rock pool, rounded out by centuries of water. The best waterfalls on Samui are Namuang Falls. Namuang hosts two separate waterfalls. The 80-metre-tall one is the most visually impressive, while the also-stunning 20-metre waterfall boasts a pool at its base that is great for a swim amidst nature. Your children are sure to enjoy.

Rising into the skies, Koh Samui’s Big Buddha leaves a lasting impression.
(Photo Credit: Sherwin Sibala)

4.    Big Buddha
He glimmers in the tropical sun, a golden beacon at the northern end of Koh Samui. The Big Buddha is the most famous attraction on the island. Your family will glimpse local culture as they gaze at the 12-metre tall statue and explore smaller shrines, Buddha images and the temple bazaar.

Lamai Beach – one of the Big 3 beaches on Koh Samui and a family favourite.
(Photo Credit: Thomas Galvez)

5.    Beaches!
This is what your family really, really came here for! Soft white sand. Coconut palms. The music of the waves, gently lapping at the shore. A fresh fruit juice or cooling freshly cut green coconut. A massage on the beach while your children build sand castles nearby. The three most famous beaches of Koh Samui are Chaweng Beach, Lamai Beach, and Bophut Beach (also written Bo Phut Beach).

Chaweng Beach, on the east coast of Koh Samui, is the most developed and flowing with hotels, restaurants, shops, and Samui tour operators with plenty of activities and excursions for your family.

Lamai Beach, just south of Chaweng, is also very developed but not quite the size and profusion of Chaweng Beach. Lamai Beach is Chaweng Beach’s little sister.

Bophut Beach is their more relaxed cousin up on the north of the island.

All of these beaches are in relatively close proximity to Samui Airport. Together they account for only about 25% of Koh Samui’s coastline. Should you and your family desire to stay further afield, there are several other Koh Samui beaches to choose from, each with their own individual character. You can always use your resort as home base and then venture to the major beaches such as Chaweng at your leisure

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